Murano and Burano – visiting the islands of Venice


This was our second trip to Venice and we had been to Murano before.  I would have skipped it this time, but my parents were here for their first visit and I knew they would enjoy seeing the glass blowing on Murano.  We decided to have the glass blowing factory the hotel worked with pick us up in their boat and take us there as it is free and a bit quicker than the vaporetto. Read More →

Girlfriend Field Trip! Relax…Refresh…RoadTrip!

Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm and Living Memorial Sculpture Garden


A good friend posted on Facebook that she and another friend were going to the Mt Shasta Lavender Farm the following Wednesday and anyone who wanted to join them was welcome!  I was free that day so decided to come along.  It was a fun day and reminded me that there are interesting things to see in our own regions and sometimes we just need a good ol’ fashioned field trip!!

The Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm is located outside of Montague, CA about an hour and a half drive from Medford, Oregon where we all live.  There were four of us, so we piled into one car but not before enjoying some homemade lavender scones made by good friend Janice Cox of Natural Beauty at Home.  For Sweet Lavender Scone Recipe click hereRead More →

Sweet Lavender Scones


Sweet Lavender Scones

 These sweet, fragrant scones are a great way to start your day or serve with tea when you need a relaxing break.  Make sure the lavender you use is 100% organic as you don’t want to ingest any pesticides.  If you don’t have lavender in your garden you can purchase culinary lavender at some supermarkets and natural food shops. Read More →

Prosecutors have contended that at least some of the stock

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Last minute romantic getaway to Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas


What do you do when your original plan for an anniversary getaway is looking cool and rainy in June?? Change gears at the last minute and head to guaranteed sunshine and heat!!  We just celebrated our 27th anniversary.  Not being a momentous (5/10) anniversary we had agreed to do something low key and stay at Black Butte Ranch near Sisters, Oregon for a few days of rest and relaxation.  But as the day to leave grew nearer the weather report of 60s and rain was not changing.  We were set to be gone Sunday-Thursday, and the Friday before I said to hubby, “I’ve been watching the weather and it looks grim until the day we leave, what do you think about going to Mexico!” His response was, “Let’s do it!”  We still had our $99 companion fare from our Alaska Airlines Visa so that helped a lot with the last minute airfare.  We had stayed at the Esperanza Resort before but it had been a few years.  However with only four nights available to be gone we decided we would go for the splurge and try to book there.  After checking Expedia,, etc. I found Esperanza’s website to have the same prices so I booked directly through them. Read More →

Founded in 1919, The Century Foundation provides creative,

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