IMG_1248Even with the growth of internet maps and GPS systems I still find the need for a good old-fashioned map whether it is for planning a trip or for getting from place to place around a city.  When we first started traveling someone recommended the Streetwise maps and I have been hooked ever since.  They are the perfect size for sliding inside a small crossbody bag or even fit nicely in your back pocket.

Map in crossbody bag

It is laminated so does not tear and the accordion style folding is a no-brainer.  I am always amazed when traveling, particularly in Europe, and we are on the tiniest of streets, I will look on my Streetwise map, thinking “I bet they don’t have this street on the map”, but they always do!  We have found them to be very accurate as well.


They have maps of almost every major European and US City, and they are constantly adding more every year, and regularly updating existing maps.

They do a good job with simple schematic drawings of prominent buildings, landmarks and public spaces so they are easy to find on the map.  The map will often contain the entire city, and then a blown up portion of the central or historic part of the city – where many tourists will spend most of their time.

When planning a trip I will often photocopy the map and then highlight where we are staying, what we want to see, restaurants, etc. to help me plan out the best strategy for what to see each day.

In addition to city maps, they also have regional (The Lakes, Provence, Tuscany, e.g.) maps and country and continent maps as well.



When planning a trip somewhere, if Streetwise has a map for that city or region, I use it!!  They are generally found at national bookstores, your local travel store, on amazon or at their website StreetwiseMaps.

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6 responses to “I Love STREETWISE Maps!!”

  1. Physical maps are the best! I have a terrible spatial memory but I’m great at reading maps, so i always request one from the front desk of wherever I’m staying. I’ll have to check out Streetwise next time!

  2. I’ve been looking into physical maps for my upcoming trip to Italy. Thank you for the recommendation – I love that these are laminated!

  3. I have to agree, traditional maps are special! They give you a physical reality of what you’re about to see, and where you’re about to go! I haven’t heard of streetwise before, I’ll have to check them out. Great post, very useful! 🙂

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