A number of travel agencies have used this technique as to

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Seville, Spain 2012


After two nights exploring Cordoba (read about it here) we were headed to Seville for four nights.   There are so many trains each day from Cordoba to Seville that I did not bother to buy train tickets in advance.  We went on the 11:44am train and arrived in Seville about 12:30pm and took a taxi to Hotel Amadeus.  This hotel is on a tiny narrow street in the Santa Cruz barrio (the Jewish Quarter) with great small streets and beautiful plazas, located not far from the cathedral. Read More →

To her it was an act that was necessary, though evil

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Cordoba, Spain 2012

After spending two nights in Granada (read about it here), we took the train to Cordoba for two nights.  I had purchased my train tickets in advance on the RENFE website, not without some frustration I might add.  The train was an easy two hour and twenty minute ride to Cordoba. We arrived in Cordoba about 8:30pm and hailed a taxi for five euros to our hotel, Balcon de Cordoba, located literally around the corner from the Mezquita in La Juderia. Read More →

Granada, Spain 2012

As many of you know from reading other posts, we always travel during our kid’s spring break, the last two weeks in March.  However,  since Lauren went off to college the kid’s spring breaks do not coincide any longer.  For this year’s spring break, Michael asked if he could go on the school Italy trip.  While we have been to Italy three times, we have never made it south of Rome and the trip included Pompei, Naples, Amalfi, Positano and Sicily so we decided to let him go.  That meant we could travel with Lauren during her spring break.  She only has a week off so she came with us to Andalucia, Spain and then Stephen and I continued on for our first international adventure alone to Provence. Read More →

Davey, Physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

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Gusto – Los Angeles

The only direct flight from LAX to Medford leaves LAX about 8:30pm, so we always have an early dinner and get dropped off at the airport.  The past two years our favorite place for preflight dinner was Angeli Cafe.  A simple, casual restaurant that put out amazing food , including the best roasted chicken.  Sadly, they closed about 6 months ago and so we have to find a new favorite place.  We decided to give Gusto a try.  Gusto opened a few months ago, located on W. 3rd St. between Beverly Center and The Grove.

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