Favorite restaurants in Sorrento (Inn Bufalito and Il Buco)


We spent 4 nights in Sorrento and our two favorite meals were in at Inn Bufalito and Il Buco.

Inn Bufalito is a casual but modern setting with handsome young waiters who were also very willing to provide assistance in navigating the menu and answer any questions we might have.



For a starter I ordered the ricotta cheese served with chestnut honey which was delicious and a ton of food!  Definitely shareable.  Stephen and Lauren shared a plate of different kinds of cheeses – all were delicious, again a large serving.


Considering we were at a restaurant with Bufalito in the name Michael and I shared the buffalo steak which was served sliced, similar to tagliata, my dad had buffalo stew and Lauren had buffalo carpaccio – everything excellent.  For dessert we shared a “nut cake” which always sounds so boring in english but when listed in italian as torte di noci is a better description of what this delicious cake was!


The next great restaurant was Il Buco.  I had read great things about it.  It is a bit expensive so we decided to save it for our special dinner on Easter Sunday.  It is a beautiful old stone building where you walk down into the main dining room.  Stunning with curved stone ceilings.


The service was exceptional  – charming, helpful and absolutely no airs despite the upscale food and decor.  One thing that was particularly nice about this restaurant is that there were no problems if someone wanted to order the three course tasting and someone else the five course tasting and others just an appetizer or main.  With six of us with varying tastes and appetites this was really helpful.  Dinner began with an amuse bouche for all of us.


I started off with the beef tartare and carpaccio with a quail egg, which was served with small cubes of foie gras – all of my favorite things.


Then I had the scallops which were cooked to perfection with a fabulous bright green sauce on them.


Stephen had the three course tasting menu, Michael the five course and he ate every bite!  Lauren had the carpaccio/tartare and the Rumble fish (turbot) which she loved!






They served an amuse bouche dessert which was enough for me


– but did enjoy a few bites of Stephen’s ricotta cake.


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2 responses to “Rome 2006”

  1. Melanie says:

    Great blog that I discovered today from your link on the Fodors forum! My husband and I are planning a 2 week trip with my girls who will be 7 and 9 at the time and have options between early April, anytime in July or early October. We are planning to fly into Venice and out of Rome, spending time in Lombardy and Abruzzo in between. Do you have a recommendation for the best time of year weather and crowd wise to travel to Italy given our available options above? Thank you!!

    • Judy Gambee replied: — February 11th, 2016 @ 1:45 am

      Melanie – glad you found the blog – the Fodors forum is an excellent source of information!! With respect to crowds and weather – I would skip July – it will be very hot and very crowded! We have been to Italy four times – twice in late March and twice in June. Our first trip in late March the weather was really great, the second time was pretty rainy – but that had been a rainy year (my daughter had been studying in Rome that semester and she said it rained a lot that year). Our first trip in June was unbearably hot – particularly in Rome. Our second trip in June was nice but then we also stayed in Northern Italy for that trip. I can only imagine that July would be very hot.

      According to historical weather info (I just looked at Rome) it appears that early Oct might be a little warmer than early April but the days are longer in April. I had always heard that Europe in early Oct was a great time to go so we did that for the first time this past Oct (Brussels, Berlin and Budapest) and I have to say it was unusually cold and rainy so I’m a little hesitant to recommend Oct (though apparently that was an anomaly). I think both early April and early Oct will be good for not super big crowds. I’m not sure if you are planning for 2016 or 2017 – just recommend you check when Easter is the year you are going if plan for April. Our first trip we specifically did not want to be there then but our other time in March we were actually in Sorrento on Easter and really enjoyed the festivities!!

      Sounds like you are planning a wonderful trip!!

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