Murano and Burano – visiting the islands of Venice


This was our second trip to Venice and we had been to Murano before.  I would have skipped it this time, but my parents were here for their first visit and I knew they would enjoy seeing the glass blowing on Murano.  We decided to have the glass blowing factory the hotel worked with pick us up in their boat and take us there as it is free and a bit quicker than the vaporetto.


Unfortunately, due to aqua alta (read more about our aqua alta experience here), the water taxi could not come to the hotel dock, but it was just a minute or so walk to where the boat could pick us up near the Rialto Bridge.

It is not a long ride to Murano and we were dropped off at the dock of the glass blowing factory and ushered inside where we were able to watch the craftsmen at work.


From there where we went through their showroom where they did have some beautiful pieces.


My parents showed some interest in purchasing a chandelier but decided they weren’t sure about the size.  We all felt that our salesperson was very helpful and not too overbearing and gracious when they chose not to purchase it.

From here we decided to walk around the island to pick up the direct vaporetto to Burano.  Keep in mind that on the map things may look a bit closer than they actually are as the islands wind around and you can only cross on bridges in certain areas, but it was a nice walk.



We took the vaporetto to Burano which was about a 30 minute ride.  This was a very picturesque little town where even the laundry hanging outside to dry became part of the charming landscape.


There were many shops there selling a large variety of beautiful lace items from handkerchiefs to large tablecloths.  We had lunch at  a cute little restaurant, Al Fureghin.  Their menu changes daily based on what the catch was that morning.  We were there for a later lunch so they were out of many menu items, but we all enjoyed a lunch of sautéed gnocchi with prawns and zucchini which was quite good.

We walked around the quiet and quaint island, exploring side streets and snapping photos of the picturesque houses.





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5 responses to “Why We Travel – Dreams Do Come True”

  1. Mom says:

    Excellent post.

  2. Shirley Casperson says:

    Judy, Your mom sent this to me. I enjoyed reading it. I’m sure Lauren is having an interesting semester. Bet you all are looking forward to seeing her in March.

  3. Freya says:

    WoW studying in Rome, what a great opportunity.
    I bet she’s having the time of her life. I like the semester options, my daughter studied 2 years ago for a year in the US (we’re in Europe) and although I visited her twice i thought it was really a long time.
    Beautiful post and photos.

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