Parks’ BBQ – Los Angeles

We had a quick trip to Los Angeles to get our daughter settled into her new rental house – as a junior in college she was looking forward to not having to live in the dorm.  While we mostly spent our time at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target and putting together “adult assembly required” Target furniture, we did make sure we had a few good meals.

First up, dinner at Park’s BBQ in Korea-town.  We had been there several months ago when we were down for parents’ weekend and knew this was a must for a return visit.  This is a casual restaurant located in a strip mall in Korea-town on Vermont Ave.

We were seated at our own table with a grill station in the middle.  Whatever you chose to order it is served with several side dishes – probably about 8-9, including kimchee and all kinds of different vegetable and noodle dishes.  We did not always know exactly what we were eating but everything was delicious!

For the three of us we ordered the Bolgogi beef (seasoned slice beef) and the Gal-Bi (Prime beef short rib) and both were excellent and plenty of food for the three of us.

The marinades are amazing and it is cooked right in front of you so you can eat it right away.  The service was fast and efficient and different servers would stop by to make sure the beef was cooking properly and let you know when it was ready to eat up!

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