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The only direct flight from LAX to Medford leaves LAX about 8:30pm, so we always have an early dinner and get dropped off at the airport.  The past two years our favorite place for preflight dinner was Angeli Cafe.  A simple, casual restaurant that put out amazing food , including the best roasted chicken.  Sadly, they closed about 6 months ago and so we have to find a new favorite place.  We decided to give Gusto a try.  Gusto opened a few months ago, located on W. 3rd St. between Beverly Center and The Grove.

We loved the casual atmosphere with the wooden chairs and white tablecloths.  We had a 5pm reservation, just when they opened, so had the restaurant to ourselves for awhile.  The hostess and server were friendly and helpful with the menu.

They have several small plates on the menu so we decided to share several of those along with one entree.  We chose the Heirloom tomatoes, with burrata and arugula, the pork meatballs, figs with creamy sheep’s milk ricotta, the baby octopus with barlotti beans and the veal sweatbread milanese with sweet 100 tomatoes.   For the entree we shared the tagliata.  The star of the show was the figs with sheep’s milk, which I did not want to order because I had been eating a lot of figs at home,  but the sheep’s milk along with the sauce around it made this dish have the most flavor.

For dessert we had the panna cotta with honey and blackberries and the toasted coconut gelato pie.  The panna cotta was incredibly light and airy.  I do not like coconut so did not try the gelato pie but Stephen said it was fabulous, not too sweet with a silky texture.


Did it replace Angeli Cafe?  It was good and we enjoyed our meal, and would be willing to return, but will probably keep trying to find that “perfect preflight” dinner!

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  1. Margaret says:

    I go to LA fairly often, and I’m always looking for new places to try. And, I love macaroons!

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