Florence 2005

Day 11, Tues., March 22

We took the train from Venice to Florence.  Our train ride was about three hours.  Quiet and relaxing.  We were debating whether to take a taxi or not as our hotel appeared not too far from the train station, but at the last minute we opted for the taxi.  We did not mind finding our way with a map, but with luggage, kids, etc. the taxi seemed like a good idea.

We arrived at our place, The Tourist House Ghiberti B&B.  It was a smaller establishment, I believe they only had five or six rooms, on the 1st floor (2nd in US) of an apartment building.  We were greeted by Claudio the proprietor.  Not the overwhelming, effervescent greeting we received in Venice, but that was unique.  We had two rooms again, which are really quite large, and the bathrooms are also very big.  Definitely the nicest bathrooms, with a tub and nice tile work.  We were right across from the hospital, but as long as the windows were closed we heard no noise.  (For summer travelers they do have air conditioning.)  They also had a computer with internet access in every room.  This was very handy and really appreciated.  I believe Claudio said they had some form of satellite TV as well, but we never turned it on. Read More →

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