When is it ok to be woken up at 3am on vacation? When it’s Easter in Sorrento!


Easter in Sorrento is a great time to be there!  There are two Easter processions that happen Easter week.  They are deeply rooted in history, and began as simple as a few religious monks walking the streets in the 1500’s.  In the 1700’s the processions started to become a more elaborate affair.  In the still of the night between Maundy Thursday and  Good Friday, about 3am, we were woken by the dirge like music and singing as hundreds of people dressed in white walked right below our balcony.


They walk only by lanterns and torchlights, carrying banners and crosses.



The White Procession, called this, because of the white robes and hoods worn, symbolizes that Mary is wandering the streets looking for her son.


The next evening, around 8pm a similar procession occurred, only this is the Black Procession named for the black robes and hoods worn on this night.


This procession represents that Mary has found her dead son, and a large wooden sculpture of the dead Christ is followed by a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows.



Both of these processions are very moving, particularly as everything else in the town is silent except for the rustling of capes, quiet footsteps and the voices of the singers as they sing the Misere.  Both processions have over 500 people in them, including children.  These are not to be missed when visiting the Amalfi Coast at Easter.

For those who will be in Sorrento on Easter Sunday, we found everything, stores and restaurants alike to be open, and everyone was out walking enjoying the day!

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    Great job on this, Judy. I loved the memories.

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